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Refund, Return & Cancellation Policy

Dear Visitor,

We appreciate your time and trust for shopping with us at

We believe that our customers trust is one of the most valued assets that we have.

This policy is only active during the next 30 days after the date and time of the product delivery.

One of the most important policies that every potential customer/visitor should know and have the right to know is the Refund, Return & Cancellation Policy (before purchasing and not after it!).

So here we will describe Watch Whole's Refund, Return & Cancellation Policy in detail so you can have piece of mind while shopping.


1- Refund/Return policy:

There are a few important things that all customers should keep in mind when returning a product purchased online from Watch Whole:

This policy is available only during the first 30 days from the date and time that you have received your item.

You can return an unused item during first 30 days after receiving the item.

Only items that have been purchased directly from Watch Whole can be returned to us.

Please note that the maximum refund amount will be equal to your purchase price and will not be the current product price on our website. For example, if you have purchased an item with discount or on a promotion or coupon or you purchased an item on sale and the current price is higher or lower than that, Your max refund will be the same amount you have paid.

Once we receive the item, it must be unused, unworn and in the same condition that you received it.

Item needs to be in the original packaging.

We will immediately let you know about the status of your refund.

If your return is approved, we will start a refund to your original method of payment.

Please note that it ALWAYS takes a few days before you can see the refund amount in your account depending on your card issuer's policies.

You would be responsible to pay the shipping cost of return if you change your mind or if you chose the wrong color or size for the product. In case that you want to replace the item, There will be a shipping charge even if you have purchased the item as a free shipping item.

After we provide you the return info, you need to ship the item back during the next 4 calendar days to be eligible for the refund.

Please note that there is a slight chance of color variation between a product and the pictures you see on our website due to using different devices and resolutions.

In case of any delays of delivery, you can send us a refund request only after it has already been 15 business days passed after the latest estimated delivery date if you still have not received the item. Please note that any kind of refund request from your side after product shipment and before the above mentioned time is considered void and we are allowed to reject them immediately.

Also any kind of refund requests, disputes or chargebacks without prior communication to us would also be considered void.

Also if the tracking shows the item delivery and you report a non delivery after 10 days, you will not eligible for any kind of refund or compensations.

2- Cancellation/ Exchanging Policy:

A- Before shipment:

If you ever changed your mind about the product(s) you have purchased, you can cancel your order and you will get back 100% of the amount which you paid plus shipping.

B- After shipment:

You should wait till you get the item and then start a return otherwise customer will be held responsible to pay the shipping cost.


3- How to Return/Cancel:

Please notice that before you start to Return/Cancel your product, you should send an Email to:

with the below info:

For cancellation the subject should be: Cancellation Request

For Return/Refund the subject should be: Return Request


Inside your Email Please Mention:

Order number

Product name and specifications

Explain the problem

Attach photos of the defects

Your contact Information


4- You have received a wrong or damaged item:

For processing your claim, we need the information below during the first 10 calendar days from the date you have received your item so we can verify your claim validity.

1- An explanation and details about the differences between the ordered item and the one that you have received.

2- Clear photos of the item(s) that you have received with different angles showing the differences or damages.

3- Clear photo of the shipping bag with the shipping label showing the sender and receiver.

4- Clear photo of the label(s) on the item(s) or item(s) bags.

The items should be unused/unopened and in their original bags/packs proofing that the items bought from WatchWhole.

After we get this info, we will verify your claim and we will provide you the return address if it is approved.

We will also pay the shipping cost for the return.

Please kindly be advised that if you do not provide above mentioned information, or do not send the item(s) back during 30 days, we will not provide you any refund even if you do it later.

4- You have provided a wrong address:

Please kindly be advised that, in case that the item has been shipped already,
we are not responsible for the item loss or damage .